Safety Shoes

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Safety ratings explained

Category EN ISO 20345 requirements
SB Basic requirements

  • For safety footwear with a toe cap resistant to an impact of 200 Joules


S1 Basic requirements +

  • Closed heel area
  • Energy absorption at seat area
  • Antistatic properties
  • Resistance to fuel oil
S1P S1 +

  • Penetration resistance (P)


S2 S1 +

  • Water penetration and absorption


S3 S2 +

  • Penetration resistance
  • Cleated outsole


S4 S1 +

  • Entirely moulded polymer/rubber upper (e.g Wellington Boots) making them waterproof and leak proof
S5 S4 +

  • Midsole penetration resistance.


Slip resistance ratings

Footwear that has passed tests for slip resistance will also have one of the following codes:


Tested on ceramic tile wetted with sodium lauryl sulphate (a diluted soap solution)


Tested on steel with glycerol


Tested under SRA and SRB conditions